Legacy Send Side Integration

Note: This three-step send side API was replaced with the new two-step API on 11/08/2019. It is still available, but should be considered deprecated.

The Bold Penguin Exchange was built to match business owners who need commercial insurance with agents and carriers that can get them coverage in record time. Prospective partners can integrate with the Bold Penguin Exchange as Send Side partners, Receive Side partners, or both.

As a Send Side partner, you will be sending prospects into the Exchange. By sending prospects to the Bold Penguin Exchange you ensure that each prospect has the best possible chance of getting a timely quote while also getting compensated for the time you've already put in.

At Bold Penguin, we've built an HTTP-based REST API that can be used to integrate with us as a Send Side partner.

After completing the prerequisites, there are three steps to sending a prospect into the Bold Penguin Exchange:

  1. Authenticate using your client credentials to get an API token.
  2. Create an application form for a prospect within your account tenancy.
  3. Clone the application form to the Exchange in the Bold Penguin tenancy.
You->Authentication API:Authenticate
Authentication API-->You:Token
You->Partner API:Create Application Form
Partner API-->You: Application Form Id
You->Partner API:Clone Application Form
Partner API->Exchange:Prospect
Exchange-->Partner API: Prospect Id
Partner API-->You:Clone Id

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