Application Form Creation

Note: This three-step send side API was replaced with the new two-step API on 11/08/2019. It is still available, but should be considered deprecated.

The next step after successful authentication is to create an application form within your Bold Penguin tenant. The application form is the record of a prospect in the Bold Penguin system.

After successful creation, you must clone that application form to the Bold Penguin tenancy to complete the Send Side process.

Note: A valid application form must include a unique phone number (mqs_phone) as part of the form.

You->Authentication API:Authenticate
Authentication API-->You:Token
You->Partner API:Create Application Form
Partner API-->You: Application Form Id
You->Partner API:Clone Application Form
Partner API->Exchange:Prospect
Exchange-->Partner API: Prospect Id
Partner API-->You:Clone Id

Application Form

An application form is how you represent a prospect to the Bold Penguin Exchange. It consists of answers to questions from the Bold Penguin Master Question Set.

  "application_form": {
    "answer_values": [
        "code": "mqs_first_name",
        "answer": "Roberta"
        "code": "mqs_last_name",
        "answer": "Smith"
        "code": "mqs_business_name",
        "answer": "Robertas"
        "code": "mqs_phone",
        "answer": "6145558888"

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