Application Form Cloning

Note: This three-step send side API was replaced with the new two-step API on 11/08/2019. It is still available, but should be considered deprecated.

Creating an application form is only the first step in the Send Side process. In order to get the new prospect into the Bold Penguin Exchange you must clone the application form from your tenant to the Bold Penguin tenant. Once the prospect has been cloned, Bold Penguin can begin to route them through the Exchange.

Note: A prospect can only be cloned to Bold Penguin once. Currently, Bold Penguin uses the prospect's phone number to ensure uniqueness.

You->Authentication API:Authenticate
Authentication API-->You:Token
You->Partner API:Create Application Form
Partner API-->You: Application Form Id
You->Partner API:Clone Application Form
Partner API->Exchange:Prospect
Exchange-->Partner API: Prospect Id
Partner API-->You:Clone Id

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